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What makes CocoPro different from other coconut waters and protein drinks?

CocoPro is the world’s first pure coconut water with added protein. CocoPro is also lower in sugar than normal coconut waters as it is sweetened with Stevia Leaf. The combination of electrolytes and protein make CocoPro truly unique and the only choice for recovery.

What sort of protein is in CocoPro?

We use Whey Protein Isolate, considered the gold standard of protein as it contains the full spectrum of Amino Acids and is the most bioavailable protein on the planet.

When should I drink CocoPro?

Everybody requires different levels of Protein in their diet depending on their lifestyle and activity levels. We recommend CocoPro after exercise or prolonged activity to get your body into recovery mode and hydrated as quickly as possible. CocoPro also makes a great high protein, electrolyte rich breakfast to keep you full and energised till lunch time!

Who else drinks CocoPro?

You can check it out right here!

Is CocoPro pasteurised?

Yes, CocoPro is pasteurised at 120 degrees to ensure that our drink is free from all naturally occurring bacteria typically found in Coconut Water.

Can pregnant women drink CocoPro?

Absolutely! Our drink is completely safe due to our specialised pasteurisation process. The amino acids found in Whey Protein Isolate also provide the optimal building blocks for a healthy body.

Is CocoPro vegetarian?

Yes it sure is!

Is CocoPro gluten free?

Yes it sure is!